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Please find out a range of business opportunities we can deliver.


Our main business! Our Cargo Sales package contains a complete overview of how we can run your Cargo Sales activities successfully. With more than 10 years of experience, we work out all the essentials to run this business efficiently. Call us and we will make you a presentation, which will include a detailed market research report, and a budget calculation with focus on the expected revenues, weights and yields, and plans to promote and build the relationship with your customers. As a supplier to your airline we will demonstrate how we follow changing markets trends and how we will consult you on developing and expanding the sales territory.


Providing a cost-effective Cargo Sales package is not enough! Almost as an aircraft checklist before departure, there is a whole series of critical procedures, which must be followed before cargo can depart. Security check, dangerous goods regulations, air-waybill input, weight and balance issues and regulations as defined by the Ministry of Transport, it all demands qualified staff to operate cargo operations professionally.


An aspect of dispatching air cargo is to find the perfect handling company who has enough successful experience of providing a completely flexible and individual service. In today’s fast moving air freight market, fast and efficient transmit times backed by high precision system and controls are vital in complementing the customers’ seamless logistic chain. We can talk about your needs and the criteria, which are essential to you.


Market competition & research reports.

And other services like warehouse & distribution services, meeting & conference packages, professional presentations, PAX sales, statistics & reporting, travel assistance through our network, and many more…