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  • 1931 Brucargo
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Aviation Consulting bvba
General Sales & Service Agent


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Organization Belgium


Didier Bassem
Cargo Service Agent

Accounting & Sales support

Ingrid Vandroogenbroeck
Accounting & Business Development Manager

Our people are the key to achieve your plans. Their performance is guaranteed to deliver superior service to your customers. Our professional people are successful people and are ofcused on delivering succes for you.


  • Ingrid Vandroogenbroeck- Accounting & Business Development Manager
    Working for Aviation Consulting since November 2005. Before, worked 7 years for IATA - CASS as assistant Manager Cargo Benelux.
  • Didier Bassem- Cargo Service Agent
    Started working for AMR Services May 1998 and for WFS Belgium in 1999. Working for Aviation Consulting since 2009. Strong operational & handling knowledge.

Current portfolio of airlines represented

  • American Airlines
       Daily flights ex CDG to JFK, ORD, MIA, DFW
  • Yemenia Cargo
       Day 5, CDG-SAH

Consulting, sales & Marketing

It’s our duty...

  • to consult the airline on all aspects, that can benefit the airline to grow
  • to research and develop new business in order to maximise the airline’s capacity & to expand the airline’s sales territory
  • to build an excellent relationship between forwarder community, the airline & Aviation Consulting
  • to maintain open communication and business model with the airline
  • to inform the airline on changing marketing trends, opportunities, ...
  • to promote airline products and booking (IT) systems
  • to target high yield & specific cargo products
  • to target top forwarders to develop consistent and regular business


Quality service by a professionally trained team

  • Intensive in/out cargo sales
  • Cargo reservations & (full) date capture
  • DGR trained staff
  • AWB stock control & reporting
  • RFS
  • Tracking, including “live update” freight status
  • Tailor made reports & Statistics of any kind
  • Accounting
  • CASS participant

Strenghts & Commitments

  • Our commitment to airline targets & results & to offer hight quality services
  • Strategic location in the middle of all Cargo Freight Forwarders at Brucargo, at commercial heart of Europe
  • Strong sales experience
  • Strong operational knowledge
  • Open-minded, flexible team
  • Extensive truck network
  • CASS membership to guarantee payment terms
  • Professional company with competitive positioning

Contact info

Building 712 – Box 8
Telephone (+32) 02/753.20.71
Fax (+32) 02/753.20.70